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Welcome to Through The Fire, a place where I share my spiritual journey. My name is Petra Quirke, thanks for stopping by.

Why “Through The Fire”? Fire generally serves as a symbol of TRUTH. When you’ve been brought through the fire, you’ve been tested by the Spirit of Truth itself, the Holy spirit. That is not always as pleasant as people may think: being confronted by the Truth usually means discovering some kind of a lie that we personally hold dear. People generally don’t like discovering they are wrong in any way, and so aligning ourselves with the Truth is often hard and scary process. The firstly step is the mere discovery that we are in error, which may be accompanied by feelings of offense. Then if we find it in us to dig deeper, we may admit to Father that we were in error and ask Him to help us to fix that. The next step is to dismantle these beliefs and accept new thoughts and new beliefs which in turn leads to learning new types of behaviors that are more in alignment of the newly discovered Truth. Yeah, hard work in deed!

I hope some of the texts on this blog will help you with this process. You can start either by checking the blog where I post excerpts from new articles, or go straight to the site map where you can go through all the articles sorted into topics and / or alphabetical order. You can learn more about the author here.

Latest from the Blog

History of the Ages part V.: Age 2

<— Jump to part IV. From the beginning of the flood (1656 after Fall) until Abram ran for his life from king Nimrod 344 years later. The first age is over, the second age is beginning. The 8 stewards, 1000 people and animals are aboard a big piece of land that is taking them on…

History of the Ages part IV.: Age 1

<— Jump to part III. The first age after the Fall was governed by the Adversary. As Jesus informed us in Matthew 13 (parable of the wheat and tares), there are two types of people on Earth. One group are Father’s children, the other group are the Adversary’s children. Here’s how the parable is explained…

History of the Ages part III.: Before and after the Fall

<— Jump to part II. The Bible as a historical document is only concerned with the time period AFTER the Fall, not with much of the events before it. In the First book of Adam and Eve we can read about their struggles after the Fall, when they left the Garden of Eden. They didn’t…

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